Graduation gift

Okay I know this may seem like I’m a brat but is it weird to not get a graduation gift? I graduated high school got accepted into my top school and they talked about my supposed gift for like a week during graduation and then boom I asked about it and was laughed at I feel kinda hurt should I?

Without having more details, I agree no graduation gift seems a bit odd especially after talking about it. I didn’t give super expense trips or high ticket items. We did give our kids a gift. That being said, do you usually get gifts on other events like birthdays? Congrats on your accomplishments!!

Yes normally, Which is why I find it strange I don’t wanna seem ungrateful for everything they’ve done either so I don’t wanna bring it up again. She asked me to make a list which included small things like a Ukelele, Apple Music (which is $5 a month since I’m a college student I even told them I would pay every other month) but that was months ago

Are your parents helping you to pay for college? If so that is the greatest gift you can get.

Yes they are but I have gotten many scholarships I wouldn’t even really think about it so much but it keeps slipping into conversations and like if I’m not getting one I’d rather them just stop pretending like it’s still coming

Just move on. In the scheme of life it is totally unimportant. At this point if you get a gift consider it to be a pleasant surprise…if not forget it. (FWIW I don’t remember getting my kids a HS graduation gift.)

College is the gift. Do you know how much it will cost in total, including room and board and tuition balance?

My kids were taken to dinner (expensive for me at that time) and they each got a new laptop that summer before starting college. There also were a lot of expenses associated with getting ready for college, including bedding and a coffee maker for one, a bike for the other.

Maybe they have a surprise for you for college but really, recognize that college is very expensive.

Your parents love you. Maybe there were unexpected bills and if you ask about it, they’ll feel rotten. Honestly, you sound immature for asking this question. I don’t know a parent alive who hasn’t forgotten to give their kids something they told them they’d get. Drop it.

If you felt like you had to offer to pay half the cost of a $5/month music subscription it doesn’t sound like your parents have a lot of disposable income. Did they have a family dinner or give you a card when you graduated? Maybe whatever celebration they had was the best they could do.

How are your parents paying for college? Your stats aren’t high enough to qualify for much merit. If it’s a residential college your parents will have to pay college costs (tuition room, board, books, etc.) plus lay out money for dorm essentials and travel. There may not be much money to spare for other things right now.

My college tuition WAS my graduation gift - for high school and for college. Other than a nice dinner out with the grandparents, it will be the same for my DD. Even if your family is blessed enough not to pay full ride tuition, they’re probably going to end up paying for a laptop and most of your dorm acessories too.

Welcome to adulthood!

Every family is different. For some families graduating really doesn’t mean anything special - it is just doing what is expected of you, same thing for getting into a top school. For some they are not gift givers. Some families go all out and students who might not have worked hard are given expensive cars etc. We went out to eat with family and friends after my daughter’s high school graduation which was combined with my nephew’s college graduation.

I agree college isn’t cheap. If your parents are helping to pay be appreciative since not all parents can and some can and choose not to. I would stop dwelling about the high school graduation and focus on college at this point.

I definitely agree it would be weird to discuss a graduation gift and then not deliver on that discussion.

Maybe they are going to surprise you with something.