Great, CB's investigating my answer sheet because I complaint !!!

<p>I just love this, I complaint about unfair testing so CB checked with those proctors of my test center and of course, the proctors said nothing happened !!! Great, now I got to worry about getting my scores cancelled 'cause CB will think I lie, not one of test takers that day have the gut to complain !!! </p>

<p>Lesson learned: standing up for your right sometimes can be fatal !!! </p>

<p>I guess it's no longer the American way to do things :(</p>

<p>were you taking the test at university of toronto and your last name is from w-z? if you are, i would like to back you up! i got robbed twice there!!!! i only had like 26-28 min for the 30 min sections. That same proctor!!! Darn it!</p>

<p>Unfortunately no, im in Hanoi, Vietnam !!! I got robbed, too, nobody who took the test wanted to back me up. How can I forget my own quote "don't try to be a hero, try to live" :( I must have lost my mind that day when I complaint !!!</p>