Guys please chance me it'll only take a couple of seconds.I will chance back

<p>hi, im currently a junior in a very competitive high school and I'm looking at a these colleges:</p>

University of Chicago

<p>Sex/Ethnicity- Male/ Asian Indian
-Sat I- 2280(740 CR, 750 Math, 790 Writing)
-Sat II- 800 Mat 2c, 770 World History
-Act-33 (36 Math, 36 Reading, 32 English, 28 Science)
-4.76 weighted gpa, 3.92 unweighted
-rank- 9 out of 826 (top 1%)
-AP Classes-Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, World History, U.S. History, English Composition, will be taking Economics, Government, Art History, English Literature, Calculus BC, and Physics senior year
-all other classes honors
-varsity tennis
-marching band/ wind symphony, varsity jazz for 3 years
-first place marching band SCSBOA Champion
-national honor society 2 years - tutoring chair
-california scholarship federation 3 years
-habitat for humanity- president
-save darfur- vice president
-red cross
-attented rotary youth leadership awards
-Future Business Leader of America vice- president (won awards at both regional and state levels)
-chemistry club
-probably national merit semi-finalist or finalist (231 PSAT score)
-tutoring other students for 2 hours a month</p>

<p>That's about it. If you guys could please chance me on the above schools it would really be appreciated and it would be great if you guys would tell me areas i could improve on. Thank you very much and i will chance back if asked.</p>

<p>You look incredibly solid as a candidate for any school. High GPA, pretty great scores, I would just recommend working on EC's out of school. You know, show some initiative outside of the educational campus!</p>

<p>Good luck! :]</p>

<p>you're looking solid. What is your major path and current state?</p>

<p>um.. i think im going to be an economics major and im from california</p>