Harvard Admissions Fall 2022

Fron Harvard website:

Early Action Admission Decisions

Restrictive Early Action admission decisions will be released no earlier than 7 PM EST on Thursday, December 16th in the Applicant Portal.


Is there any benefit in putting down current students & alumni names in the “contacts” section of the common application? And if yes, do grad school alumni count as alumni too?

None. It is simply a tool to analyze the effectiveness of marketing.

DD22 got an invitation for alumni interview. Applying RD. How significant is an interview? From what I am reading - many stidents who request an interview will get one, correct? Any body in this forum went through an interview already? Any suggesions?
Thank you !

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Nice , all the best ! From what I read at their web site , Students receive an invite after apps and initiated by alum volunteers. Not all students get interview opportunity. Congratulations and all the best !!

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Thank you very much !

Is it necessary to apply financial aid before or after the decisions are released .


Of course, if you don’t need aid, it is not required to apply.

on the common app there is a check box- " if you require need based aid", if you checked" yes ", your application will not be complete from financial aid stand point , if you dont go through all the steps with fin aid. For Harvard they require FAFSA and CSS profile . If parents divorced - CSS from both parents. Hope it helps.

Just got an interview request this morning, anyone else so far?

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Congratulations! When did you apply?

What causes Harvard to ask you for an interview?

They try to offer alumni interviews to every applicant. It’s not that you get “selected” for an interview. It’s just according to whether they have enough alumni to do the interviews. Sometimes a person, especially in an area with no alumni, will be contacted by the admissions officer.

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No. Harvard’s process is truly need-blind. You can apply not requesting fin aid, and if you are accepted, you can still apply for fin aid. It’s just that if you’re applying RD, and don’t apply for fin aid until after the common reply date, you might not get a fin aid response before May 1st, when deposits are due.

In general, from my kid’s class (2025), most people were pleasantly surprised at the generosity of the awards. However, families that own rental real estate (and I presume businesses with hard, mortgageable assets, or farmers that own their land) can expect the value of the assets to be counted, and may not receive fin aid.

My DD 22 got a request for an alumni interview last week.

prospective student " checking the box" on common app if they like to have interview .

I submitted on the 1st

Anybody from GA region got Harvard RD interview?

Unlike most schools, I don’t believe Harvard requests a deposit on enrolling.

Do extra letters of rec help when submitting materials for the deferral period?