Harvard Class of 2023 RD

@Futureivy2023 Yes, it was just an email that said an update was made to the portal.

@Futureivy2023 I got in, but got no communication from them at all

@jordanHeston @popcorn454 Congrats!! Call me paranoid but I am too scared to view my decision and am coming up with theories instead.

@Futureivy2023 do it! you have nothing to lose. i was honestly the same way, I waited until after I half-ate my dinner and then heaved in nervousness to finally just open it. regardless of what is on that letter, the fact you applied shows a unique form of initiative many students could dream of having. opening it will reveal to you nothing more than what the Committee decided at this single point in time - not you, not your success, not your future.

Hi I am an international OOS student, got rejected from Berkeley, Harvard, and Princeton also :frowning:
SAT 1: 1480 (690 EBRW,790 math)
SAT 2: 800 in both Physics and Math L2
Gpa 4.0/4.0 and 4.92/5.00 unweighted
a few extracurriculars I have been doing for 4 years or more. Applied for mechanical engineering at Berkeley.

Feeling very sad, but still hoping to get into Stanford tomorrow!

Also, I am thinking of submitting an appeal form to Berkeley. I am putting my latest mid-year grades and other awards I have won, should I also include anything else?

@apparently22 I like your mindset :slight_smile:

Rejected, but…that’s all right. I’m curious, however, how much alumni siblings factor into admissions?

Article from The Crimson re: admissions this year https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2019/3/29/2023-admit-numbers/

@solidcashmoney You ought to try Univ of Michigan which has a better program in mechanical engineering. Or any of those big state schools in the midwest, such as Purdue or Ohio State.

Hello I am OOS Native American Student
I have 4.8 W GPA
Multiple college in the highschool classes
Good SAT
Good Subject Tests
Fantastic extracurricular and essay
Recommendations 9/10 (My religion teacher give okay rec)

I got in gender studies?
Is there 2023 Acceptance Facebook page?

@SiouxPride Congrats! I think you can go back to the Harvard admissions website (not the portal) and they should have something like “admitted students” at the top of the page and click there. They provide the links to the admitted students facebook page. Again congrats!

If accept WL here how does it impact other admitted schools?

I got accepted yesterday !!!
Does anyone know if there is a groupme for prospective harvard students ?

It doesn’t impact other admitted schools at all. Here’s what happens:

You agree to accept a spot on Harvard’s waitlist. Then, by May 1st, you must also accept an offer from a college that admitted you. In most cases – aside from HYP – the accepted student must put down a deposit by May 1st at the college they have agreed to matriculate to.

Harvard won’t know how many spots are available for waitlisted students until AFTER May 1st. So you wait. In the past, there have been about three rounds of waitlisted notifications starting around mid-May and going until mid-June.

If you hear nothing from Harvard, you do nothing. If Harvard calls (yes, they actually telephone you, they don’t email waitlisted students), you will have about a week to consider Harvard’s offer. If you accept Harvard’s offer of acceptance from the waitlist, you must immediately let the college you agreed to matriculate to know you are withdrawing your acceptance. In most instances you will lose your deposit at the college you initially agreed to attend. That’s the entire process. The college you agree to matriculate to understands the waitlist process, as most likely they too have a waitlist.

@gibby Thanks a lot, well understood.

@Futureivy2023, accepted here, no communication from Harvard prior to decision notification at all.

Hi there, I am an international applicant. Got accepted in Harvard, Yale, Amherst and Williams.
I wanted to to know if any of them would consider providing financial aid to visit those colleges in their respective dates, bulldog for Yale for instance. Was wondering if it would be a wise decision to ask them. I would love to know what previous international applicants did.

Secondly, do we recieve the merchandise (Tshirts) from the colleges as well? And if so, after selecting one or just by being admitted?

Thank you

@studentathlete18 Thank you, yes I would like more information especially with regards to finance/investment banking career. Currently evaluating offers from Wharton and NYU as well.

@NellieWhoah Harvard has the best undergraduate economics department in the country. Full stop. We have lots of professional organizations that give you experience in the consulting or finance world and great tenured faculty. I will also say here at Harvard it is by no means necessary to participate in purely finance related activities to go into finance. My friend is a senior and history major and is headed to NY next year to work at a venture capital firm. Two other of my friends were president of some of Harvard’s largest finance groups and both work at Blackstone. There is unlimited opportunity at Harvard to do a variety of things to put yourself on a path to success.

@studentathlete18 Thank you for this insight. It’s great to get other perspectives from inside Harvard that are current. For IB in general, I’m told all three schools are strong but Wall Street firms look more favorably on Stern and Wharton’s undergraduate pre professional finance training for new employees though Harvard has the branding advantage by far.

^I would not base a decision based on hearsay on finance firms looking more favorably on Stern and Wharton. First, Stern, while a fine program, is not Wharton. Further as a former senior banker and person very much involved with hiring, IB’s look for bright, trainable and hard working entry level workers. Pick the school that will give the best 4 year experience based on your intellectual interests.