Harvard Tour Experience?

<p>Greetings to all,</p>

<p>I recently spent the day touring at Harvard and LOVED it! It was my dream school before I toured, but I feel that it really is cemented in the top spot. I had toured a plethora of schools beforehand, so I don't think I am being completely naive about my love for the school. My mom also enjoyed her day but observed that the students seemed to be "robotic" and "antisocial." I, however, observed the opposite; several had stopped to greet us and offer assistance in navigating buildings. I also sat in on a Gov class and really disagreed with what my mother said. The students seemed poised yet fairly normal. Am I being naive, or do others have similar experiences? I would love to hear all opinions.</p>

<p>Harvard Yard is one of Boston’s biggest tourist attractions. When my daughter was a freshman, she often felt like she was living in a zoo because there were so many tourists who were constantly peeking in her dorm room windows trying to get a glimpse of a “real” Harvard student. At certain times of the day, it often felt like there were more tourists than students, so my daughter put her head down and did everything she could to ignore them on her way to classes and meals. Maybe that’s the vibe your mom picked up on.</p>

<p>^^ I suspect gibby is right. When the leaves turned a few weeks ago, I asked my daughter get some pix of her in the Yard. She said, “Dad! People will think we’re tourists!”</p>