<p>What type of SAT score should an unhooked URM (Mexican American), top 15%, 3.77 GPA, no sports, medical EC related, from a medical magnet school be getting to get into Harvard?</p>

<p>Or ACT score.... :-)</p>

<p>From SA, Texas</p>


<p>The fact is, being below top 10% makes it next to impossible to get in without a real hook (celeberity, legacy, parents donated building, sports, amazing awards, amazing circumstances). I don't feel URM alone is good enough.</p>

<p>Good luck though. You never know.</p>


<p>Yeah right.</p>

<p>That was for arbitrary purposes. I was really trying to say that scores won't be enough for this one. Only luck and the roll of dice can get the person in.</p>

<p>I've heard of Hispanic-Americans getting into Harvard with scores in the 1300s and 1400s on the old SAT.</p>

<p>It also depends on your family's economic class. The lower, the better shot you have.</p>

<p>bump ....:-)</p>


<p>Flavian is exaggerating. You don't need scores that high to have a shot at Harvard. If you had a 1450+ on the SAT then you'd have a good shot.</p>