has anybody transfer from CSU to UC/CSU?

<p>i don't know what to do now. the only school i got into is calpoly Pomona as my 2nd major:landscape architect and not my first which is architect. I really want to be in the architect program. </p>

<p>Im thinking of going, but what if i dont like it? what if i do switch in to the arch program?</p>

<p>is it possible to switch schools? switch schools to a different major?</p>

<p>Yes it is possible...</p>

<p>However it is very difficult to go from a CSU to a UC. A lot of people I know went to CSUN with the thoughts that it would be better then going to a CC for two, and then they could transfer. Many of them however found this to be exceptionally difficult, and as far as I've heard very few even bothered trying.</p>

<p>did you apply to cal poly slo?</p>

<p>yes i did, but did not get in. Even if i got into SLo, i would go to pomona because it's diverse and near LA. But im just saying what if i dont like pomona? cause my cousin's friend went from CSU pomona to UC irvine.</p>

<p>wait, so are you saying it's better to go to CSU than CC?</p>

<p>If you're planning on transfering, go to a CC. But if you think you will probably like cal poly pomona, go there, and if it turns out in the end to not be a good fit, you can deal with it when the time comes.</p>

<p>i just now that cal poly slo has a very very strong architecture program, and only uc berkeley and ucla have an architecture program, the rest have structural engineering or something. but i guess landscape architecture is different than regular building architecture?</p>

<p>if you want a good school, say, ucla, go to a CC close to ucla, research for ones with high transfer rates, and take the required classes. </p>

<p>if you want/are fine with irvine, i'm sure that can happen. but otherwise it's hard to go from a csu to a top uc like ucla.</p>

<p>ucla doesnt have architecture.</p>

<p>does it? is it a grad. prog?</p>

<p>i checked the statistics and you are in the top eight per cent of all applicants for that major at CPP. that is one of the most elite programs at that university, and you are well connected with all the wonderful internship possiblities in the los angeles area.</p>

<p>not many public universities in the state of californa have architecture, and even fewer have both structural and landscape as well as urban planning under one college.</p>

<p>you are very lucky to be among the chosen ones. good job!</p>

<p>im not in ARCHITECTURE.</p>

<p>i got into as a landscape architect!</p>

<p>so do you know if i can swtich?</p>

<p>everyone is like flaming on CPP like it's some joke. They think UC's are better...but i don't know...</p>

<p>so what if i dont like it? you think i can switch?</p>

<p>ignorant ppl can flame anybody or anything and that proves nothing other than ignorance. hearing "stories" from friends means little. i have seen posts that list san diego state as the best in the system. that is so absurd it defies comment unless you mean the best party school or the best football team.</p>

<p>talk to ppl who have either attended or are attending these schools or look at the data.</p>

<p>one ridiculous post states that all CSUs are basically the same. heck, some of them are not even accredited in all areas.</p>

<p>i know CPP very well, and i have a friend in the CSU chancellors office who provides me with data about all 23 schools. they are VASTLY different.</p>

<p>now, switching from landscape to structural might be tough, but look at it this way. it is FAR easier to move within a college than transfer to another one. prove yourself and then sell your abilities to the faculty toward whom you aspire. cal poly has a web site called calpolyonline.com. those are the experts not these hearsay posts. that should work. good luck!</p>

<p>......landscape to structurual?</p>

<p>you mean landscape to architect, right?
you meant structural as architect?</p>

<p>well what happens if i dont get to swithc or even swtich schools?
can i "drop" out of CPP and go to CC, and come back to a UC/CSU/PRIVATE</p>

<p>im just saying, i've dealt with any college work, but if i do go into CPP, im going to push myself so that just in case, i have a chance of switching schools.</p>

<p>i would not transfer more than once. you will lose time and units each time you move if you can.</p>

<p>arch typically means structures. landscape is the ambiance created around them. at CPP they are in the same college along with urban planning.</p>

<p>i would bet you could switch over if you keep good grades.</p>

<p>i would not move from poly to a jc and then back again. what for?</p>

<p>drj- I wouldn't pass off SDSU. They have the second-highest entering SAT score(behind SLO) of any CSU that I found, so the student body is not entirely dumb jocks. They also have a pretty highly ranked business program. I'd consider them probably #2 or 3 in the system.</p>

<p>edit: Here's the list of top CSU campuses you listed in another thread, with avg. entering gpa/sat:</p>

<p>SLO: 3.7, 1233</p>

<p>SDSU: 3.52, 1079</p>

<p>CPP: 3.3, 1003</p>

<p>Long beach: 3.38, 978</p>

<p>Chico: 3.28, 973</p>

<p>It looks like SLO and SDSU are certainly the most competitive.(source: princetonreview)</p>

<p>yes, giants, i would agree that san diego state has the best overall college of business in the system with many interesting institutes and special programs, and the size of that one college alone with almost 5,000 students improves the university picture. san diego also is outstanding in communications and the humanities and is improving in science. the other thing unique about san diego is that it offers more joint doctoral degrees than any other CSU. the tough job is comparing the schools high in technical fields such as the polytechnics with their strengths in engineering and agriculture with the rest of the system. san diego claims to be the academic flagship of the system, and this is a term its president has used many times. i disagree. the students at SLO are incredibly gifted--clearly the best in every measurable category--and the faculty at least on par with san diego and pomona. that clearly places this campus first in my mind with the other two schools second and third. the fact that president baker just completed a $264.4 million capital campaign speaks volumes about this point. this kind of war chest will move the campus even higher against the UC campuses.</p>

<p>The capital campaign has been a great success indeed. In addition, the College of Science and Math has raised over 100M for a new Center for Science and Math. Should be incredible. I agree that "academic flagship" is a reach. I don't know why he would say that. SLO is moving in the same direction with the joint doctoral programs, though. Perhaps they will be a national university in 10-15 years.</p>

<p>am going out on a limb and speculating that you are at SLO, giants.
if so you have a great physical plant particularly in engineering, not to mention a terrific performing arts center and rec center. this is one of the best values for the money in the nation and not just california. i would recommend anybody to visit the campus to see for themselves.</p>

<p>vyan, go try a back door move at SLO. take summer courses there and try to work in from there. if that does not work keep your pomona acceptance handy. do well at pomona and then you might be able to either move to the north campus or move over from landscape. you have very few quality arch programs in the state particularly at this price point.</p>