Has anyone used any books for college admissions?

<p>Has anyone here used legitimate, tangible books for help during college admissions? Books such as:
-Fiske's Guide to College, in which different colleges are described and critiqued
-What You Don't Know Can Keep You Out Of College, in which the author tells you about strategies in applying college
-Fat Envelope Frenzy, in which students' account on getting into college are described</p>

<p>Were they any useful? Or do sites such as <strong><em>, *</em></strong>**<strong><em>, *</em></strong>*******, CC provide pretty much the same information?</p>

<p>In regard to Fiske's, those huge books with descriptions of many colleges are nice because you can just grab two or three of them and see what they all have to say about the same school. It's good to take note of which things are repeated in two or more of the sources. Is it worth buying any of them? Probably not. Just go to the library and you'll find them all.</p>

<p>As for those other two books you mentioned, you will gather tips and information like that from the numerous admissions officers you'll meet during the college process. Not really worth buying a book to tell you the same basic stuff.</p>

<p>Your best source for anything will be college admissions officers. People you find on CC or any other site like it have experience, but few of them have professional experience. Go to information sessions for colleges you're interested in and even for colleges you're not interested in. The little tidbits of information you'll pick up along the way are priceless.</p>