Have you ever traveled to a place loved by all but you just didn't love it?

Grand Canyon. Santa Fe was underwhelming. Boston.

I think you have to do Rome off season, to get it.

@lookingforward. We have done Rome in every season (we are dual Italian/US citizens). I will acknowledge that it is among the most beautiful cities on a summer’s night. Those folks know how to use outdoor lighting, fur sure. But other Italian cities hold much more charm for me.

@cypresspat I do agree it’s different. I hated Rome the first time, in a hot August, crowded. But January visits changed that. Yes, it’s too monumental, compared with other italian cities. But I’m into more street level travel, the people, the shops, interactions and fitting in. That’s easier, off season.

Miami/South Beach and New England (towns and beaches). I know many people think those New England towns are quaint, but they are just boring to me. If you have seen one store selling dish towels and soap dishes, you have seen them all. South Beach to me is just grimey - guys in muscle shirts and girls in low cut and high rise dresses. In the evenings very loud music at the hotels. I also have no desire to take a cruise to Alaska, which is loved by most people.

I generally nod my head when people talk about how much they enjoyed a trip. No need to disagree.

Once in Vegas was more than enough, although I admit that I did enjoy the Celine and Britney concerts D and I attended.

Switzerland, because I went in winter and there was snow, which I despise. I live in NYC suburbs, so there’s snow. I vowed never to spend money ever again to travel to a place where there is snow.
Disney World, though Disney Land is ok.

I haven’t been to Disney (World or Land) without my kids. I wouldn’t go there without kids, but we did have some very nice memories there. I imagine I will be going with my grandkids someday.

New York City

Mackinac Island

There are so many better places in Michigan to visit. The no cars thing is silly, too many t shirt and fudge shops. Expensive. And it smells.

Costa Rica

Not a big fan of Vegas. I feel like every one is trying to get something from me there.

Grand Canyon. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it.

Austin, TX

I’ve been there at least 4 times and I like it less and less each visit. Overrated restaurants, uninspired architecture, bad traffic, very contrived personality/culture, overpriced real estate, and teeming with weird, fake “hipsters”! My husband wants to buy a retirement place there. Help!

Santa Fe

I don’t think Vegas is one of those places “loved by all.” I would expect most people to love the Grand Canyon, but not Vegas.

That said, I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon and have no desire, though DH wants to go. So I’ll probably end up there one day.

St. Petersburg and Vegas.

Vegas is getting bashed but people don’t “love” Vegas. They go there to be entertained. Or fly to Vegas.

How about Zion? It got no mention so far. Loved by all?

I love Rome too, But I also find it hot as hell on a summer’s night. Give me a nice Spring evening instead.

You say that like that is a bad thing. :slight_smile:

I’m generally a fan of the major metropolises, but I just don’t get the appeal of LA.

“Loved by all” often means “loved to death”. Overtouristed places are miserable. I hate crowds. And I hate places that are ruined by tours and tour buses. These buses pollute the site with diesel smoke while disgorging shuffling crowds of disinterested people who feel they must see the place because it’s on the itinerary.

Gorgeous weather, beach right there, mountains right behind, relaxed feel, active culture, nice and diverse population, great produce/grocery stores, what’s not to like other than traffic?

I don’t get the appeal of Los Angeles, either, even though my sister lives there and loves it. Terrible traffic and it’s just so ugly. Also, I don’t like beaches in general, but California beaches, where people don’t swim because the water is too cold, make absolutely no sense to my East Coast mind.

Grand Canyon.
Every big city, but especially New York.