Haverford Transfer Waitlist

Hey, I have recently been put on Haverford’s transfer waitlist! I know Haverford usually accepts 20 students and nine enroll via transfer, but I’m not sure how many are put on the waitlist and how many get off (I understand it fluctuates). I spoke to a Haverford transfer rep, and they said that a handful of transfers get off of the waitlist. If anyone could shine some light on what my chances are looking like, please do!

hi! i applied as a 2022 transfer and was also waitlisted. I’ve been wondering about the exact same things as you are - what are your thoughts about the waitlist process? is Haverford your first choice, and if so, are you planning on waiting it out before committing someplace? my deadlines are all scattered, so I’m scared to wait it out while turning another place down…!

Yes, Haverford is my first choice! Last time I applied RD, I got rejected… but yeah we’ll see. I really have no other choice then to wait it out. I unfortunately got waitlisted at midd and uva as well. I’ll probably just wait it out. Sorry for the late response

yea, that seems best. do you think they’ll let us know if we don’t get off the waitlist, or will it just be obvious if they never get back to us?

Hmmm, knowing Haverford, I believe they’ll get back to us regardless. I also think we should have some good chances!

Have you or anyone else been notified? Still waiting ?

Nope, I havent been notified - they mentioned that they’d know about waitlist stuff this week so we’ll see… what do you think?

Hopefully soon… I’m really anxious! I hope it’s in the next two days.

I still haven’t heard back, have you? maybe they just wont let us know unless we get off… it feels like it’s been too long at this point. it sucks!

Hey I’ve been watching this convo but I haven’t commented yet lol! I haven’t gotten anything yet either ?

Still haven’t heard back yet?

Has anyone emailed them to see if they’re still taking people off the waitlist/have they started

Just got my decision earlier - they apparently didn’t have any spots. A little bummed but excited to be attending Wesleyan next fall! Thanks for all the help and good luck everyone