HealthyHabits - Food Tips (2021)

Back home from 23 day road trip to visit family. During the trip I did not have bananas as much as usual. Normally I try to do a banana every day or two, which seems to prevent night time foot cramps (good potassium source).

ANY GOOD BANANA RECIPES? Bonus points if it is something we can freeze leftovers. The 3lb banana pack at Sam’s is a great deal, but even when I put some in fridge to stall ripening it’s hard to finish them all. (And for $1.38/pack, it’s OK to discard a few… just would prefer not to waste). So far banana bread is my only idea, but since I’m more of a pumpkin bread baker I don’t have a favorite recipe.

I like this banana bread recipe. You can omit the chocolate chips or just put a few on top.

There is also a NYTimes recipes I often use.

Other uses for bananas besides freezing for smoothies? Banana pancakes, banana slices with milk and a dash or sugar, or banana slices and a squirt of whipped cream.

Or scroll down this and see suggestions for recipes for the different stages of bananas from green to very ripe!

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Back in the days of thinking eggs were bad, my mother used to have a neighbor save their egg shells and give them to her. She would then make my dad egg beaters and leave the neighbors shells in the kitchen sink. He never knew.


you can peel and freeze ripe banana and use them in smoothies. Or you can slice them and just eat banana pieces with other frozen or fresh fruit.

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Banana ice cream. Good by itself but I sometimes add mini chocolate chips, peanut butter, cocoa powder, or walnuts. Lots of recipes online, but it’s basically just frozen bananas in a Cuisinart with a little milk or cream (any kind). Tastes like soft serve ice cream.

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Believe it or not, I was able to stretch my big batch of bananas by putting most in the fridge. Admittedly the last few were a bit mushy and I threw part of each in the trash. Next time I will try some of the recipes posted, but I was busy with other things… especially the garden.

Today we were busy with a daytrip up to Rocky Mountain National Park (had to figure out the new timed entry scheme)… such a nice change of pace. Our picnic lunch was rather boring. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PICNIC LUNCH FOOD?

A charcuterie assortment. I avoid anything with mayonnaise, although egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches would be my favorite if I knew the timeline for eating them.

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If we’re hiking, hard boiled eggs, baby carrots with individual hummus packets, trial mix. If true picnic, like at Tanglewood or similar, something more sophisticated, like a charcuterie sandwich board (grilled sausages, broccoli rabe, fresh mozz, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, crusty rolls), a heavy on the veg pasta salad with a vinaigrette-based dressing, mozz/pesto/tomato sandwiches or grilled zucc/eggplant & mozz sandwiches.

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Like a picnic in France! Good bread, cheese, fruit, nuts, maybe some veggies and a dip.

If someone needs more structured food, I’d do wraps. I’m not much for sandwiches.

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