Heat wave - what are your plans

Swam more than half a mile in the pool! Now inside (A/C set at 75) to watch the Yankees! 92* here in CT.

Philadelphia Area - Our Home is air conditioned, so we’re fine. I’m taking advantage of weather that is not conducive to working in the flower beds to do some deep cleaning inside. (I’m on a break now. ?)

It’s he humidity that gets us, too. New England. Since I was a kid, I’ve felt that, in winter, you can eventually put on enough clothing to get warm. In summer, you can take it all off and still be miserable.

My favorite “Married with Children” episode is where they give up, go to the grocery store, and set up lawn chairs in the produce section.

I hope the heat breaks for all of you soon. Keep yourselves and pets safe and cool. Summer in coastal San Diego has been lovely. It will be in the mid 70’s today when H and I head downtown for people watching outside Comic Con.

We are only at 90 today, which is cool for this time of year, we’ve had a lot of rain lately and the weather hasn’t hit 100 much so milder than normal. However, I have apparently hit that dreaded middle age phase where I am always hot, so it’s still too hot for me.

Hang in there, everyone!! The worst heat wave we experienced was about a decade ago. I recall the boss declaring a company-sponsored happy and heading out to a nice restaurant… no AC. Cheese on the cheese plate we ordered was melting as we ate it! Don’t want to repeat that experience. Stay cool and safe, everyone!

My plan is to continue living in San Diego and remember trying to keep the upstairs of our old Chicago suburb house under 90 degrees through continual monitoring and adjustment of AC, fans, and window shades. I wasn’t always successful.

We’re in the suburbs of NYC. H and are celebrating our anniversary today! We’re both golfers but it is too miserable out to play today. Instead we’re watching the British Open and will go out for a nice dinner. As long as the a/c is on we’ll be fine.

@happy1… Happy Anniversary ?.

We need a new A/C! Ugh. It has actually been much better this week after calling and getting it worked on vs the rest of the summer and last few years. (Cheese was melting on my counters last week.) New one should be here in two weeks. But we are now in the car to visit my parents at their lakehouse. I don’t care for water activities, but they have good A/C!

(We also had to replace the boiler last winter. Ugh!)

I invited an old friend and her husband to dinner. Our boys were best friends in elementary school, and younger son is still good friends with her middle kid, but we had drifted away as the kids got older. We reconnected over gardening and in particular using native plants. We made plans to visit each other’s gardens this evening with tea or appetizers at her house followed by dinner at ours. I poached salmon and made a sour cream and dill cucumber sauce this morning. I have a leftover pasta salad that should be even better today after marinating for a day. Made orange cookies and will have store bought sorbet for dessert. I have a feeling the admiring each other’s gardens part of the plan will be somewhat abbreviated, but I did a tiny bit of trimming and weeding and didn’t keel over. DH decided to mow the lawn. We won’t be eating out on the screen porch which is really a shame. I love it out there.

I was in AZ recently. They had a mist cooling in an outdoor cafe. It was as cool as inside almost cold. It was neat! If it is as dry in the east coast, you could sit on the porch and stay cool with a mist cooling.

It’s 93 here in my part of Northern New England. We’re a bit rural, temperatures downtown are usually about six degrees warmer than here at home, so our small city may be close to 100.

Window air conditioners have been running all day and keeping things very pleasant. We have an open concept with walk-up attic, so one unit up there, second story doors closed off, and a unit on the main floor.

Dogs are lounging. They’ve had a couple of short early romps outside in the shade, but most of their time will be in the house with small frequent meals, plenty of fresh water, and chilled marrow bones. They seem gleefully indolent.

Midwestern DS2 and DIL are comfortably in a large newer building with central AC. DS1 and girlfriend in another, more urban, part of New England, in the attic conversion of a 100-year-old multifamily. When the heat failed a couple of years ago their landlord had the system updated to include AC. I feel like kissing his feet today, while bathing them with my grateful tears.

@Iglooo disgustingly humid where I am, I love the sound of mist cooling!

It’s awful here. I just got back from the grocery store. It was torture. Stay home if at all possible. We were in Phoenix earlier this month and it’s much worse here right now.

I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up some drugs for DH. It was 101 on my way home.


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We were in NYC a couple of weeks ago and it was super hot the day we were walking around most. I popped into a drugstore and got a battery operated fan that hangs around your neck. At least my chin was cool!

I have another UPC fan that saved me last summer in Europe. Without AC, it’s nice to have a fan blowing at you when you try to sleep. I have it plugged into my computer all the time now for extra cooling.

Was 101 yesterday afternoon, 95 so far today (MD burbs of DC). Just can’t deal with it. DH cut grass last night and this am over my vehement protests. Going to stay inside and pack for vacation.

Seems like we’ll have to get used to these hotter temps. Which means more energy usage. Which further exacerbates the issue. Vicious cycle.