Heat wave - what are your plans

Thank goodness it’s supposed to cool off by Tuesday. It’s too hot for man or beast out there. I think we’re going to the movies this afternoon, I haven’t gone to a movie theater in at least a year.
My dogs meanwhile will be kept inside except quick trips to go potty. I keep wishing there was an ice rink open for dogs!

I’d far rather be trapped inside during a blizzard than a heatwave.

Where are you located?

We are hibernating indoors too. Need to run out to the market in a bit but will get food that doesn’t require heat to cook ; ). The dog is not loving it either but he played in the sprinkler this morning and did his business on the wet grass. Praying some of the thunderstorms that are forecasted actually move in and cool things down a bit.

I’m in the dc area.

The heat wave in Chicago hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Tons of rain helped and the temps were about 5 degrees less than predicted. And down to 77 degrees tomorrow! My son has been at a country music festival since Thursday (sleeping in tents and outside all day). He may have a different opinion!

Already 90 degrees here in western Virginia. Had an early morning walk with the pups and ended up walking to the Pilates studio as my car’s starter decided to stop working today. Just glad it happened in my driveway instead of stranding me somewhere! I’d planned on a quiet day anyway.

Turned down Happydad’s suggestion that we pop down to the Mall in DC for the afternoon to take in the exhibits about the moon landing. Exhibits are in tents, and close at 8 pm. First sound and light show at the Washington Monument is at 9:30 pm. In this heat, I really do not want to hike up 17th from the Mall in search of dinner, then back down to the Mall in time to grab a space to see the show.

This really would be a nifty event to attend if the weather weren’t so beastly.

**It’s always hot in AZ in the summer. It’s been over 100 for weeks, up to 112 when we left for Santa Monica/Santa Barbara last week. We’re picking up our son at the Burbank airport this morning for a family weekend at Disney before returning to our convection oven. But it’s a dry heat, right? Starting next year, we’ll be spending a couple of the summer months in cooler climes. The low Sonoran desert is quite comfortable the rest of the year.

For you east coasters, I recommend a steady supply of frozen cocktails until the heatwave passes. Cheers!**

I’m in the DC area too. Currently waiting out a master class for D20 in my car. I usually survive without wasting gas, but I’ve needed the air about 75% of the wait today. She has a sunset photo shoot tonight too and it’s still going to be way too hot for my liking.

Unfortunately, I"m having 11 people for dinner tonight. Normally we’d be eating out on the deck but not this time. I’ve got the AC set a 72 degrees and have no plans to even stick my toes outside today. I’ll be using the broiler and the oven so I hope the AC can keep up.

I did have to weed (I have a judgmental gardening friend who’s coming tonight) but I did it at 8:00 AM this morning.

Chicago again. Got up early to walk the dog. We gave our 13 year old dog a “summer” cut and everyone stops us and thinks he’s a puppy…lol.
Staying Hydrated and going for short dog walks. Might as well clean the house since I will be inside all day. It’s the humidity that’s getting to me.

Texas heat wave = May June July August September. Just gutting it out.

Just asked my dog that’s is apparently hybernating, if he wants to go on another walk and he looked at me like “what’s wrong with you” ?.

Northern Illinois here. It was 85 degrees with 85% humidity last night at 11 pm. Now the temps are on their way up to 94. We are staying in as much as possible. The dog doesn’t want to go out at all.

Brooklynite here. Staying inside until early evening when I will take a bus to a party. I have an app that tells me exactly when the bus arrives, and bus stop is 4-minute walk from my place.

Swam more than half a mile in the pool! Now inside (A/C set at 75) to watch the Yankees! 92* here in CT.

Philadelphia Area - Our Home is air conditioned, so we’re fine. I’m taking advantage of weather that is not conducive to working in the flower beds to do some deep cleaning inside. (I’m on a break now. ?)

It’s he humidity that gets us, too. New England. Since I was a kid, I’ve felt that, in winter, you can eventually put on enough clothing to get warm. In summer, you can take it all off and still be miserable.

My favorite “Married with Children” episode is where they give up, go to the grocery store, and set up lawn chairs in the produce section.

I hope the heat breaks for all of you soon. Keep yourselves and pets safe and cool. Summer in coastal San Diego has been lovely. It will be in the mid 70’s today when H and I head downtown for people watching outside Comic Con.

We are only at 90 today, which is cool for this time of year, we’ve had a lot of rain lately and the weather hasn’t hit 100 much so milder than normal. However, I have apparently hit that dreaded middle age phase where I am always hot, so it’s still too hot for me.