Help...Bowdoin to Engg Schools

<p>Hi, This is my first year at Bowdoin.Now i actually want to go to an engg school.I am an intl student and will be requiring full financial aid. How hard is it going to be to tranfer to MIT, CalTech, Harvard, Yale from Bowdoin. When would be the right time to apply(after sophomer year?) What should my GPA be like? Apart from GPA and reccomendations, what else would i need?</p>

<p>any help would be appreciated-Thanx</p>

<p>Anyone....Any suggestions...</p>

<p>The only schools that offer need-based full rides to internationals are Yale, Harvard, Princeton(does not accept transfer though) and MIT and some LACs which I can't really recall at the time. There are some kind of merit based scholarships from other schools, but those seem pretty rare though. Basically if you refer to the other transfer statistics thread, all the above are very hard to transfer to even with stellar stats, but in my opinion, the difficulty is as follow</p>


<p>If you require full financial aid, sadly your choices will be very limited, you might want to try stanford too, but they take the financial need into account in the process of admission. In other words, asking for financial aid hurts your chance of gaining admission.</p>