Help! Chances at UCLA

<p>This is for my brother whos a junior...he didnt want to make an account. He really has his heart set on UCLA for business econ and hes been bothering me about if he can get in. Here are his stats, can somene please evalutate them for LA and some other schools in that range. (Cal, Usc, stanford!?!, etc.) Thanks</p>

<p>Norcal large public school
Rank 1/400 school doesnt weigh (school barely has ap classes)</p>

Freshman Yr. 4.0 UW (bio, eng, spanish 3/4, alg 3/4, hist)
Sophmore Yr 4.0 UW (chem hon, eng, spanish 5/6, Precalc, history accel)
Junior Yr so far and it looks like it will be that way 4.0UW (bio ap, eng, spanish 7/8, Calc AB, History Ap, Art)
Senior Yr plans - (physics hon, eng, calc bc, econ ap, photo)
He will most likely get that ECL thing from the UCs.</p>

Link Crew Leader
Speech and Debate team (top in country) - 2years (no awards but NFL)
Soccer - Club team outside of school 12 years - captain last 2 years
Guitar - 6 years (some kind of bs award)
CSF - Junior year and continuing
Peer Tutoring - 2 years (award from organization for 100+ hours)
Business internship this summer</p>

Not sure of new Sat but old one was 1450
SAT II - Math IIC - 730 USH- plans on taking</p>

<p>Personally i think his ECS arent that great, but i dunno...</p>

<p>Thanks for your help</p>

<p>Are you sure he shouldn't be applying to Cal State instead? I mean, he sounds pretty mediocre...</p>

<p>Nah, not really. Sounds like a future Bruin to me!</p>

<p>really? I thot his ecs arernt really consistent enough.</p>

<p>He could maybe join Golden Key or something, but I have to be honest with you: it's largely a numbers game. Pad it out with some old people's home work or something.</p>

<p>And DO NOT LET HIM DO SOME CLICHED ESSAY. If he is Asian, don't you dare let him talk about how hard it is to be the child of the Joy Luck Club. Make it new, fresh, interesting, and HIM. The essay really really helps.</p>

<p>yeah i guess your right a 4.0uw is kinda hard to turn down and that essay is key. But yeah hes really well rounded and keeps a really good balance of social and academic life. Actually he probably parties more than he studies....haha Thanks again</p>

<p>ediscounts' brother:</p>

<p>UCLA: Match
UCB: Match
USC: Match
Stanford: Reach</p>

<p>he is in at ucla. while we are all hesitant to call ucla a safety, it is at least a safe match. and although i dont know if he would be accepted, he should be shooting for ivies.</p>

<p>anyone else? probably lower ivies huh?</p>

<p>I would shoot for all Ivies, but he has a more realistic shot of getting into "lower ivies" (penn, cornell, etc)</p>

<p>money is a real issue though i think Ucs would be best even if he could go to a lower ivy</p>

<p>I think he has an excellent chance at UCLA. His EC's are good but not a hook.</p>

<p>can anyone else give any input. i would really like to get him off my back. thanks a lot</p>

<p>hmm...yeah more ecs would be better but i think its about match</p>