HELp ..Johns Hopkins!

<p>I badly need advice..i haven't been able to sleep im super stressed out about college. </p>

<p>I really want to go to johns Hopkins. If i apply early decision (binding)</p>

<p>what are my chances if ...</p>

<p>im an instate resident (MD)
2300 SAT
34 ACT
around 750 (and higher) for math2, biology, and physics sat 2
gpa(uw)- 3.6

<p>I play 3 instruments
I've been accepted into many orchestras county and state wide
i play field hockey for 5 years (won division 4 times)
2 honors societies
I'm in many clubs (President of one)
hundreds of volunteering hours
I'm into science (chemistry, physics, biology)</p>

<p>If you're not sure about JHU, what are my chances at schools like carnegie mellon, UVA, william and mary, rice ?</p>

<p>you're a shoo-in</p>


<p><em>Insert obligatory post about how no one is a "shoo-in" at Hopkins here</em></p>