help me. CHSPE

<p>Is the CHSPE any good for UC review/admission? I took my SAT I a few months ago and got a 1905, and because of work reasons, I left highschool this year [junior year].<br>
I had also just finished my GED.. today... which I think was done in vain because I was fooled into thinking the GED was absolutely necessary for getting into a community college. This is what happened, AFTER I finished the GED, the counselor suggested that maybe I should try the CHSPE instead because of my plans for college [and also because she was impressed with my swiftness of completing the test, but of course I bubbled down the C column..jk?]. Great. There goes my $100 for GED registration.<br>
But really, I am completely lost and I don't want to take all the tests offered only to find they have been a waste of time. I just want some way, somehow, if not my original plan to transfer from community college into a university, to get into a good college and all that jazz.<br>
Since the counselor suggested the CHSPE, that would be another $85 [$100 for me because they charge the $15 extra as late fee after Sep. 22.] I just want to know if that will help me skip community college and if it's good for university admission. I mean, I always have that heart-wrenching 600 words essay about how I discovered humanity.. no? don't forget my semi-mediocre 1905 SAT score.
ugh... and also I'll be working out of town, somewhere in taiwan/japan for almost an entire year. I don't even know if I should worry now.</p>