Help me decide on Reaches and Matches?

<p>I'm undecided and would love if anyone could help me decide what colleges I should apply to. I'm applying to Harvard SCEA, but I don't know where else to focus my attentions should I not get in. Where do you think I'd fit in?
Thank you!!</p>

<p>Female, one of the top public schools in the state.
GPA: 3.94 unweighted
SAT: 2380 (CR 780)
SAT II: Chem 700, Math 800, US History 780
Honors/AP Classes:
9th grade: all Honors
10th: AP chemistry, AP US History 1 (two-part course at my school), self studied AP Music Theory
11th: AP English lang, AP Bio, AP Calc AB, AP US 2, AP Spanish
12th (projected) : AP English lit, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C, AP Econ, AP Gov</p>

-Model UN: 2-time elected President of General Assembly, nominated for Premier Delegate Award, President of school chapter
-Youth and Government: Kean Assembly Vice Chair '10, Assembly Speaker '11, winner of Outstanding Statesman award, passed my bill through model Congress, President of school chapter
-Mock Trial Team: school's top witness, took team to states, team captain
-People with Pals (penpal program in Spanish to kids in Ecuador): president of school chapter.
-Peer Leaders (school drugs/alcohol awareness team): elected VP
-Violin: private lessons since age 4, Chamber Orchestra since freshman year, on the road to becoming school concertmistress of orchestra, regionals '10 - '11
-Volunteering at local medical center
-Assisted with neuroscience research at an esteemed medical center for 2 summers</p>

<p>-Indian music (most important): performed over 20 concerts in the US, UK, and India, won over 30 awards and competitions, go to India every year to perform in the music festival, and performed with eminent and notable artists. Performed a benefit concert in this music style to raise money for two charities.</p>

-Lived in the UK (Central London) for 4.5 years, until late middle school
-Scripps National Spelling Bee in middle school (dunno if that counts)</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>You're certainly "Ivy League worthy". Perhaps provide some more info as to what type of campuses you prefer-- urban or rural, large, medium or small. East coast or West coast, etc. etc. What's your intended major? In addition to Ivies, you may want to look at Duke, Northwestern, Rice, Stanford, and WashUStLouis as well as some of the more selective LAC's. Your middle school accomplishments generally are not considered.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input! To answer your questions- I'd be interested in a campus in the Northeast (preferred), Midwest, and possibly California. Medium to large...semi-urban/urban would be good.</p>

<p>Northeast reaches-- Yale, Princeton, MIT, and Brown. Princeton isn't "semi-urban/urban", but most who've seen the campus fall in love with the place. I love the size of Providence RI, where Brown is located.</p>

<p>Midwest matches-- Northwestern, Univ. of Chicago, Wash U.</p>

<p>CA reach- Stanford</p>

<p>I would cast a wide net on reaches if I were you. You're definitely going to get some nibbles along with nice fin aid offers. Best of luck!</p>

Midwest matches-- Northwestern, Univ. of Chicago, Wash U.


<p>Those are probably low reaches/very high matches. His stats are great, but those are incredible schools. UChicago could be a match, and NW a very high match, but WUSTL is a low reach (or maybe mid reach?). It has the best education under HYPSM, according to many sources.</p>

<p>Thank you for the detailed responses! I've seen Princeton's campus (I was just there today) and it's quite amazing.
All these schools are excellent, however, my first choice stays Harvard. Any chances there, perhaps?</p>

UChicago could be a match, and NW a very high match, but WUSTL is a low reach (or maybe mid reach?).



<p>UChicago's acceptance rate (15.8%) is 2.2% lower than Northwestern's (18%) and .4% higher than WUSTL's (15.4%). It is not easier to get into than either of these schools. If WUSTL is a reach for the OP, then so is UChicago.</p>

<p>This is like that one person who once told some poor soul that Harvard would be a reach and Yale a match. Just. No.</p>

<p>@Ghostt yes, but he, specifically, would be better suited for what UChicago seems to be looking for. Hence the difference only just being match vs high match.</p>

<p>You have decent chances at Harvard, but not spectacular because... well, it's Harvard.</p>

<p>What could I do to make my Harvard app look better? (what to focus on)</p>

<p>Emphasize something that makes unique so that you can stand out.</p>

<p>bumping this? anyone else</p>

<p>Yeah, you def. have a good shot at Harvard. Being recognized nationally for Carnatic music/ carnatic violin (i assume) makes you unique along with ok stats and plenty of leadership in clubs.</p>