Help Me Find A College

Good school… fun…Tulane!

Thanks for the suggestion inthegarden! Tulane has actually been on my radar. I’m not hugely into frats/parties, and I’m not sure if I would enjoy living in New Orleans or not. I’ll do some more research though!

Hi @ShoutTurkey,

I’m not sure what it’s like to be an undergrad at Tulane (i.e. the greek situation) as I was there as an older grad student, and the “kids” were not really on my radar. I’ve never been much of a drinker/partier etiher. But there’s something very fascinating about New Orleans and I love it and miss it. There are layers and layers of culture unique in all the world. If you get a chance, go visit, and maybe do an overnight in a dorm. Also, keep in mind that New Orleans is much more than the touristy French Quarter that gets so much attention. Tulane is set in beautiful Uptown, a somewhat more placid area near tree-lined St. Charles Avenue and Audoban Park.

Also, students come to Tulane from all over the US and world. Even if there are a lot of frats (I never really noticed that aspect too much TBH as a grad student) it would not all be the typical Southern frat scene, I would think, and many progressive/more intellectual people are there too.

Although not in the South or in the Midwest, Dartmouth College might be worth a look.

It would help if you shared more about your interests, likes & dislikes, and why you are limiting your search to the South & the Midwest.

Other options include state school Honors Colleges such as that at the Univ. of South Carolina & at Alabama.

@Publisher Sure! Here are some more things I am looking for.

  • Small-mid size. The smallest I would go is about 2k undergrads and the largest would be about 10k undergrads.
  • I would prefer to live on-campus.
  • I like schools in/near a large city. Not a huge fan of college towns.
  • Greek life shouldn't be too big there.
  • I lean left politically, so I would rather not go to a super conservative school. I'm pretty flexible though.
  • Warm weather --- not a fan of the cold!

I prefer the South/Midwest, because I want to stay somewhat close to home. I don’t want to reveal exactly where I live right now for privacy reasons, but anything in those regions probably works for me.

Emory in Atlanta.

@Publisher That’s a good idea! I haven’t looked too much into it, but my aunt went there and lives in Atlanta now so I can try contacting her.

You may qualify for an academic merit scholarship.

University of Miami might be a perfect fit…

Have your parents told you how much they will pay each year for college?

Your situation sounds a bit like my son’s(although he doesn’t have your scores). Are you interested in any schools in Virginia or NC? With an interest in poli sci, there are several good choices in VA/DC area: Georgetown, UVA (a little big), Wake Forest or Elon in NC.

@Jamrock411 Thanks for the suggestion! It may be a bit big for me though.

@suzy100 All of it, although I have to pay for law school myself depending on how expensive the college is.

@TS0104 UVA and UNC are both great schools, but both are a bit too big for me. Georgetown sounds really cool, although I’m a bit nervous about living in DC in this current political climate. Wake Forest and Elon seem kinda waspy too.

Sorry if it seems like I am picky. I’m just trying to make sure I find the right pick.

@ShoutTurkey, you said you lean left…DC tends to lean left (regardless of who is in charge of the government) though I don’t know about Georgetown itself…

At the risk of bringing up the obvious: You need to run the NPC on each of the schools that you are considering, and show the results to your parents. “Top 20%” does not make it easy to pay for university.

@inthegarden That’s not it. I’m more concerned about threats from North Korea. I’m probably overthinking it though.

@DadTwoGirls My parents said they have just enough to afford an undergraduate at WashU (which I believe is the most expensive college I’m looking at).

throw in smu for the merit money if you are also looking at tulane. met a fair amount of people who were between the two.

Other colleges on our list you may want to look at: U of Richmond, William and Mary, (check culture/waspiness of the latter). One thing I am advising my son is that if you have an idea of what you want to go into and/or where you want to live post grad, recruiting and job offers will be more skewed towards the local area of the university. So if you def. want poli sci, you’d have more intership/recruitment opportunities at Georgetown for example. I don’t think this should be the deciding factor, because college is also a great time to explore a new geographical area for 4 years, but it’s just something to consider. Be picky! You should! And yes absolutely consider cost if you are going to grad school for sure. If your parents will take any leftover undergrad funds and put them towards your grad school, that’s HUGE. Save yourself as much student debt as possible. With your high score you could get good some merit aid from some schools.

Given your stats, you have a decent shot at $30,000 merit from Tulane, but you must show interest, i.e., tour there and interview there, express enthusiasm for NOLA! That would leave $$$ for law school and checks the boxes of warm climate and left leaning, fun city. WashU also is big on demonstrated interest but will not provide that kind of merit unless you apply for one of their scholarships and get it. George Washington University in D.C. is expensive but well known for their Elliot School of International Affairs. Good luck!