Help me find the perfect LAC for Christmas?

<p>So with college app deadline closing in and since UNC takes forever to release their early action decisions,I thought i would take some time on break to get another app or 2 out. I've applied and been accepted to a couple of in state schools but want to apply to some LAC's. </p>

<p>Things I want out of "my" LAC
-Division 1 sports (with football)
-Meets close to 100% of need (family only make about $60k a year)
-wide range of programs like business and comp sci, not just like biology and political science
-close to a city if possible(not that important though)
-great facilities(gym, athletics, computers, etc.)
-East Coast (i live in NC and would want more than a 15 hour drive which pretty much covers all the way up to the boston area, down to miami, and the central plains)</p>

<p>My Stats
28 ACT
3.4 unweighted
3.9 weighted
2 varsity sports captains
2 years of technology internship
-of course I have more but i feel those are the ones that matter most</p>

<p>The 2 that come to mind are Bucknell and University of Richmond, but im also considering colgate, hamilton, and vassar. Please give me any suggestions you might have or let me know if some of the ones I am considering are out of my range. Thanks and Merry Christmas!</p>

<p>Div.1 football at a liberal arts? Well since that is hard to come by for liberal arts schools I will just list the ones with that and came up with Bucknell, Colgate, Davidson, Holy Cross, and Richmond.</p>

<p>well football isnt that big of a deal, but i would like a college with D1 sports, because that way you know the athletic facilities and the things that go along with that are going to be up to par, but thanks!</p>

<p>You won't get into a need blind Liberal Arts College with a 28 ACT. If you're having monetary issues, you should look at community colleges or your state flagship.</p>

<p>Most of those LACs you listed are reaches or high-matches for a 3.4 UW 28 ACT unhooked regardless of ECs and essays, especially Hamilton, Colgate, and Vassar.</p>

<p>well some are more "reaches than others" hamiltons mid 50 for act is 27-31 so i do fall in that category. But for colgate and Vassar their mid 40 for ACT is 29-32 so slightly outta my range, but not by much. But as of right now I prefer Bucknell and Richmond over those anyway. Mainly Im just looking for suggestions of school I might not of found yet that mostly fit my criteria.</p>


<p>William and Mary, perhaps? It matches most (if not all) of those things. It is pretty selective, so that 28 is probably towards the low end, but you have a shot.</p>

<p>Bentley...? You give a tough list of requirements - no LAC really has good football or D1 sports, and need-blind will be tough with your stats. Redefine your list of criteria maybe?</p>

<p>Lehigh? 10char</p>

<p>where i stand now, and i dont have much time to decide, I am applying to Richmond for sure, but also want to apply to one more as well. As of right now its between Bucknell, Holy Cross, Colgate and maybe Lafayette. If someone could compare those that would be great. Probably the biggest thing is which one would give more need based aid, but any comments comparing them would be appreciated, Thanks!</p>

<p>bump 10 char</p>

<p>USMA and USNA appear to meet your stated criteria (D1 sports, full ride, east coast, etc.), but they are only suitable if you plan a career as a military officer. They may also be rather hard to get into as well.</p>

<p>Other LACs with D1 sports are likely to be in the Football Championship Subdivision:
2011</a> NCAA College Football Standings - ESPN</p>

<p>Or no football, but with basketball:
2011-12</a> NCAA College Basketball Standings - ESPN</p>

<p>i am actually just received my nomination to the air force academy and am waiting to hear word of an appointment hopefully by march, it is my first choice, but with budget cuts i am looking for other options just in case, especially why i have the time over break. I also want to make it clear my main thing isnt D1 sports, its just having nice athletic facilities and sports teams that are "competitive" so people dont flee home on the weekends. Thanks!</p>

<p>Would the availability of ROTC be a criterion for non-academy choices?</p>

<p>umm not to much so, i know most of these schools arent going to have ROTC, there are other ways to get into the military after college if that is still what I want to do I will continue on, but my main goal is to be a medical professional in the military currently, but that is subject to change, so idk haha</p>

<p>Lafayette meets your stated criteria more closely than most of the colleges mentioned. It also provides 100% of need to US students. If you were interested, Lafayette offers ROTC.</p>

<p>Here is list of full need colleges: Which</a> Colleges Claim to Meet Students' Full Financial Need? - US News and World Report</p>

<p>Those LACS that have division 1 football are Holy Cross, Colgate, Richmond</p>