Help me please I'm scared

<p>Okay there was on semester of my sophomore year where I got 3 c's and one d. It was horrible and I can explain it in an essay. And I am going to take credit recovery for the d(intermediate algebra). But I brought it up to a high enough gpa that I have a reasonable chance at where I wanna go. I'm good gpa wise but will that d and those c's completely destroy my chances at the UC'S? Please don't tell me I messed up because its explainable and I already know I did. I know upwards trend is good but I'm afraid that d will kill me. And my sat is close to 2000 and I'm retaking.
Thanks ahead of time be honest but don't be a troll or act like your better than everyone.</p>

<p>As long as you make up that D you received and provide a reasonable explanation, you should be fine. Of course, you would still need to have good scores/grades AFTER those bad grades. I would also try to see if I could make up those Cs (might not be possible, but see if you can do it a local CC or some place). The important right now is to NOT GIVE UP HOPE. You're still fine for the UCs, trust me. Just make up that D, explain it in your essays, get good/great scores from now up until your UC apps and you'll be good to go! Hope this helps. :)</p>

<p>You definitely helped I got a 4.2 this semester and I got to the point where I thought that didn't matter but yeah I'm going to look up those cc classes for sure thanks a lot! I might be sounding desperate but it was just a sudden impulse thought that I was done for.</p>