HELP! Need EMERGENCY essay advice!

<p>I'm in kind of a dilemma here, I'm applying ED to Cornell and I was finishing up and refining my Common App essay when my friend told me I needed to scrap the entire thing because it's just not good, he gave me a completely new "essay agenda", the deadline is in 11 days so if anyone wants to help a desperate person out please post here so I can PM you my essay and the specifics of the situation! THANK YOU!!!</p>

<p>i'll check it out...</p>

<p>pm me, i'll help</p>

<p>pm me ill do it</p>

<p>My advice is to ask someone like your GC or English teacher for advice, not well meaning, but possibly uninformed friends or posters.</p>

<p>My GC, god bless her soul, is horrible. My school hasn't sent someone to an Ivy or any top school for that matter in several years. She has no idea how the game is played at this level of admissions. Hell, she didn't even know the difference between being deferred and rejected in ED. I have a lot of faith in the posters of this board and I've already received great advice on my essay!</p>