Help Needed About College Grades Please

<p>does anyone know of top schools that are generally known to be easier to get A's in. I know this is an odd question, and i realize that no top school is just "easy" to get in A in, but i'm looking for top schools that are not known to be reallllly killer to get high grades.</p>

<p>for example, cornell has a reputation for being "the hardest IV league to stay in" and "professors give students low grades" etc., thanks anyone who can help me out.</p>


<p>The grading at Cornell is tough but fair. This is the way grading should be everywhere. High but reasonable expectations motivate students and increase learning, which is the goal. Easy grading doesn't help students in the long run.</p>

<p>Nevertheless, almost all students do fine. The percent of freshmen who graduate is about 92%. If you are looking for a college where students are successful, check the graduation rate. If you want an easier path, choose a college where you are above the 75th SAT percentile. Select an easier major.</p>