help w/ college choices!

<p>hey! i’m a high school sr and was wonderin if u could help me with some questions bout colleges</p>

<p>stats: maryland resident, asian female, 4.0 unweighted gpa, 4.6 weighted, takin/taken 7 ap’s, sats 2070 (takin again in october)
extracurriculars: dance!!, chinese school, science nhs pres, nhs, chorus (not in shcool), calligraphy, cross-age teachin of science vp, event planning internship
service: tutoring, fair info assistant, dance/chorus performances round community</p>

<p>schools i’m definitely applyin to:
UTexas at Austin- hopin for business honors program
Stanford (early action)
rice (early interim)
UMD College park

<p>schools i’m thinkin about applyin to:

<li>my parents are retired, so i def need financial aid. which schools give the most aid/scholarships?</li>
<li>What are my chances at each school?</li>
<li>should i apply to usc and washu? i’m tryin to apply to schools w/ more aid</li>
<li>does usc have rolling admissions?</li>
<li>my dad lives in texas rite now and my mom lives in md w/ me and will join him after i graduate from hs. any ideas on how residency will work?</li>

<p>thanks so much for ur help!</p>

<p>UT Austin Business Honors for Out of STATE is extremeley hard for you. Actually instate its pretty hard too. its like the second best business program in the nation.
as for others</p>

UT-prolly get in, not honors though
UMD-safety, i assume?
Rice ID (OOS) - deferred...and maybe accepted
Wash U-Rejected</p>

<p>What are your SAT2s? I'd say looks like you could probably make Berkeley, Stanford and Rice I'd say pretty good chance but it's a gamble. Try to raise that SAT.</p>

<p>Bump for the smart girl</p>

<p>should i apply for business honors at austin??</p>


<p>You'll need to take SAT2s for UC schools if you haven't already.
And I agree. Business Honors at UT is hard to get into, even for Texas people (like me!)</p>

<p>i've taken SAT II's in chinese 800, Chem and math IIC 760 on both</p>

<p>Rice has great fin. aid</p>