Help WHAT DO I DO?!!!

So I was accepted into UCLA, UC Berkeley, and received a half-tuition scholarship to USC. I really want to go to USC. My high school boyfriend wanted to go to Berkeley but was waitlisted and he also got accepted to USC and UCSD. He also wants to go to USC now. The problem is I wanted to go to a different college than him and start a new college life and make more friends and escape the high school life. What should I do?

Is usc affordable for your parents (without parents taking loans)?

Yes, and it would be cheaper than UCLA/UCB with the scholarship.

How is USC cheaper than UCLA and UCB? Are you OOS?
They are only giving you ½ tuition. It does not include your housing and board which (after your ½ tuition) is more than UCLA and UCB’s total costs.

2017-2018 Undergraduate Estimate of Costs

Tuition $53,448
Fees $875
Room and board* $14,886
Books and supplies $1,200
Personal and miscellaneous $1,324
Transportation $540
Total** $72,273

This is what I’ve added together less your scholarship of ½ tuition:

$26,724 (the other ½ of tuition)
+$14,886 (room and board)

UCLA (resident tuition, R&B and fees)
Are you a non-resident?
If you are, then the fees at the UC’s would be more.

Yes, I am a non-resident.

Plus, my brother attends UCB OOS with barely financial aid

Go where you want to go. In the end, you’ll be very busy at these tough schools; you’ll have different activities and so will he. Why does he want to follow you?
Can he afford $72K per year?

Yes, his family is wealthy and plus he is international. UCB was his top choice but he was waitlisted. Do u know if they have a high waitlist accept rate? Thank you

I am unsure, but being on a waitlist is not a guarantee of admission. More than likely, he should not expect an acceptance.

USC has 18,000+ undergraduates so you will have plenty of people to pick to hang out with that are not your boyfriend.