HELP!! Will my ED acceptance be rescinded???

<p>So, I've been accepted to ED at Cooper Union.
However, right now my Honors Physics grade is a B-!!!
I don't know if the grade will go up or down in the last two weeks of the semester, and I'm scared the final will completely mess me up.
Our teacher only puts in quiz and test scores as our grade; he doesn't even look at our homework. So it explains the surplus of D's and C's in our class.
But what I'm most nervous about is: WHAT IF I GET A C????
Will Cooper Union rescind my acceptance???</p>

<p>Yes, I would start inquiring about community colleges or the French Foreign Legion today!</p>

<p>Lighten up! You'd likely have to fail several classes to be scratched from admission</p>

<p>you nearly gave me a heart attack T_T
so as long as I keep everything else an A, I should be fine?</p>


<p>Even a "C" grade will not get you rescinded, imo. I've seen your stats and resume and you are one of their better applicants. They are lucky to have you.</p>

<p>I'd be extremely surprised if you got rescinded for a B-. I doubt a single C would be an issue, either, although multiple Cs could become a problem.</p>

<p>T_T I'm not a troll. :( I'm just worried because I've heard so many stories about people getting their acceptances rescinded because of a slip in grades... and this isn't even because I have senioritis. It's a hard class and the teacher has a weird grading system.</p>

<p>ok now I sound like I'm whining. I didn't mean for it to come out that way... but I've already withdrawn my applications and if Cooper U. rescinds the offer then I'll have to go to community college. >.< there's nothing wrong with community college but the shock would devastate my parents. They were so happy when they heard that I got in! I don't want to dissappoint them. :(</p>

<p>Your parents will be bragging about their daughter swiggin' whiskey and getting STD's in the Legion!</p>

<p>LOL stageforsurvivor I think you aren't being serious but thanks for the comic relief :)</p>