Helpful Step by Step Guide: How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay? for AP English

Dear fellow AP English Students,

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Now that AP English exams are coming right around the corner, we just wanted to share a helpful step-by-step guide for any student studying for the AP English Language exam. We understand that this year’s AP writing exams are much different, with a 45-minute essay! Yikes! You may feel nervous, excited, frustrated, anxious, etc, but no fear, my friend!

Here we share an up-to-date 2020 step-by-step guide on How To Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay for this 2020’s AP English Language exam:

Best of luck to all of you and on all of your exams! I personally scored a 5/5 on this exam way back 2014 :lol: , but if anyone wants advice, please feel free to ask us anything here, or over there on our special guide page. Thanks!

Also, please feel free to ask us any questions on our study guide page link. We’ve got both former AP English Language and AP English Literature students who scored 5’s on the test and are willing to answer questions over there. Thanks!