Here Ares Some Good SATII Prep Questions...

<p>I only went over the math ones, and I got them all except Level 1 #4...could someone help me out with that one.
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<p>The question is this by the way:
If a and b are real numbers, i^2=-1 and (a+b)+5i=9+ai, what is the value of b?</p>

<p>You can set equal the real and imaginary parts of the numbers on both sides of the equation. So, (a+b) = 9 and 5 = a; from this, b = 9-a = 4.</p>

<p>how about number 12?</p>

<p>For #12....
Make 70% 7 out of 10 (7+'s, 3-'s)
I. Can be false---if the 7 +'s are low and the 3 -'s are low (try ((7x25,000)+(3x0))/(10) <25,000)
II. Can be false if 2 or 3 of the 3-'s have the same income and 0 or 2 of the 7+'s have the same income.
III. Line up the 3-'s and the 7+'s and you'll see that this must be true.</p>

<p>Answer: III only</p>

<p>how did you find those tests? are there any more for literature, math 1c/2c?</p>