He's IN!!

Remember my freshman in the Bridge program that got caught with weed a month ago? They let him stay in the Bridge program, but we didn’t know if the state Uni would let him matriculate in the spring. Well…he just got notified that he’s been accepted AND he got a 3.8. This is a kid with ADD who has struggled his whole academic life…worked so hard. We are all just flying high right now! i hope he’s learned his lesson and grateful for this 2nd chance.

So happy for you and your son, conmama.

That’s fantastic! I do remember this situation, and I was appalled at the time at the potential consequences. I’m thrilled to hear about the positive outcome, and the fantastic grades must just add to your joy! Thank you for updating. My mood has just been lifted.

Wonderful news! What a great example of a kid’s hard work (and parental support) paying off. Wishing him continued success.

Congratulations! What a way to start the New Year - with wonderful news and a whole fresh start

@conmama, lol, was that a deliberate pun?

Glad it all worked out!

So happy for you and your S , conmama!

Such good news!!!

@Nrdsb4 …I didn’t mean it as a deliberate pun when I wrote it, but thought oh what the heck! LOL. I’d love to ask him which one feels better…but of course I’d never ruin this moment. It’s been years in the making!

Yay! I’m so happy for all of you. Congratulations to your fine young man!

@conmama, This is a great news. Congratulations! The fruit is much sweeter because he had been working hard before he achieved it. He deserves all the credits!

Great news! What a nice way to start the new year.

Congrats to him and to you for getting him through this!

Way to begin a new year.


Thanks guys! It’s been such a happy afternoon. I’ve been sitting at the PC with him showing him how to choose courses, and trying to fit them all into a schedule. Unfortunately, since the Bridge students don’t find out if they are in until Xmas break…many of the classes are already full…so it makes it difficult. Hard to feel too sorry for them…we had to go to the basketball fieldhouse and get cards to register…that was a nightmare.

Enjoy this part of your journey, both of you. So happy that your son gets to continue walking his education pathway.

Good news! Happy New Year!

Congrats to your son, @conmama ! Awesome news!

Made me smile. Congrats to both of you.