Hey Smart Kids!!

<p>Ok so I don't get pre-cal, is there something wrong with my review or am I just dumb, so heres the problem:</p>

<p>P(X)=X^4-3X^3-12X+16, use synthetic substitution to find the given values when P(4)</p>

<p>Ok so thanks for your help!</p>

<p>please help, the answers 72, but I don't get how?? someone!</p>

<p>don't do this... you'll get modded, like I did.</p>

<p>huh????? modded?</p>


<p>still waiting</p>

<p>JUST PUT 4 in for x... sorry caps</p>

<p>no bc that doesnt give you 72, and the key says that the answer is 72, thats why I need help</p>