High School Class of 2020

B- as is nearly a C and that’s with 3 hours of studying…without changing the course curriculum…

I mean colleges are aware of the difficulty of schools and take that into regard when viewing your GPA. Though that seems odd that the highest grade would be a B-; seems poorly taught.

@goneaway How many APs are you offered?

If the teacher is giving a B- as the highest grade, the teacher is doing something wrong. I would talk to the assistant principal.

@ab2002 not many, and I am limited with my magnet program especially with low student participation in AP classes, so a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to take them with the class not happening or one section running. There are around 9: AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Lang, AP Lit, APUSH, APGOV, AP PSYCH, and AP Spanish, AP Calc.

@ab2002 also my math, sciences, and interdisciplinary classes are covered by magnet program (the ap science and ap calc) so I’m left with the others

@cherryturtle @Foreboding ikr…I spoke to upperclassmen and they all recommend to take it my senior year 2nd semester that way I am already in college and my admission revoked rather than taking it junior year and my GPA crushed.

Anyone hoping to attend UCLA in the Fall of 2020? (:

My schools college counselors aren’t that great so pretty much everyone in my grade who are shooting to ivy leagues have virtually no extracurriculars because they are under the impression that you solely need good grades and test scores to get in. I feel bad because when they realize they need to add more extracurriculars it’s too late. I almost went down that path but I found collegeconfidential and I was enlightened lol.

@mjt182 UCLA is one of my schools on my list, but it is highly unlikely as I live in Virginia.

Have a good day!

@anthonytheboy Best of luck! I’m really trying to get into UCLA, because it’s perfect for my major and a great school (-:

CollegeConfidential is also incredibly unrealistic and misleading at times.

Aren’t UC’s easier to get into out of state as you’re virtually treated as a cash cow?

I am sitting here on my computer in AP Psych, like usual. Anyways, I am having a great day! I have realized that no matter what schools we get into, we will be successful. It’s sunny and warm here in Ohio. It is about 70 degrees. Hope you guys are having a great day as well.

@Foreboding yes it is easier to get in out of state and internationally than other public schools because they want money and prestige. And @mjt182 UCLA is really nice. Westwood/LA is such a great place to live and there’s plenty to do with all the sports games, not to mention that it’s in LA. The only problem is I want to be pre-med but being that it’s a large school, the advising is great and it’s a struggle to get the classes u want.

@Max147 Yes, I already live in the area too! It’d be just so nice to go to a top college and still be super close to my family. I plan on majoring in Business Econ with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

@mjt182 UCLA would definitely like my top choice if I were in state. The tuition is nothing compared to other schools of the same caliber. Berkeley is good too since you’re in state.

Guys, I just had a sudden realization. Our childhood is almost over! Think about it! We only have two years, and then we are off on our own for the rest of our lives. Slightly scary? I’ve heard that we haven’t even gotten to the best part of life, so I’m not too freaked out.

Really? I am super freaked like I don’t know where I’ll be in the future, or if my college process works out. People around me see lots of success in me, but I am scared that I will end up messing up, it is nerve-wracking.

Btw is there anyone in tennis? I recently joined and am on JV, I was wondering if it was okay to play with running shoes for first like two games because I haven’t had time to buy tennis shoes and break into them. Also, can I get tips on how hard to hit the ball on a serve, 75% of the time, I hit it too hard, and it’s out.

@goneaway I’m on my school’s varsity tennis team. It’s fine if you wear running shoes but get tennis shoes asap because with regular running shoes a sprained ankle is inevitable. You should be hitting the serve with as much strength and spin as possible. If it’s going way out you’re probably hitting the ball too late or too early.