High school journalism a Plus or a Neutral?

<p>Part I:
I hear mixed reactions out there as to whether consistent journalism involvement in high school is a help or a no-influence on college admissions, including at Ivies. Is it only advantageous if student has a major position, such as Managing Editor, News Editor, etc., and/or if newspaper in question is well-reputed, received recognitions, etc? What about such involvement if you're not declaring interest in journalism major or applying to a journalism school within a U?</p>

<p>Part II:
Is journalism-for-credit a factor in admissions? How is it looked upon relative to other courses in the hs curriculum? Particularly interested in how Ivies may perceive this, if you have such experience or "inside" knowledge. (ha-ha)</p>

<p>oh, by the way: Ivies of interest are Princeton, Columbia, Penn. Also hopeful of Stanford, Georgetown, Northwestern, UCLA.</p>