High school messed up mid-year grades...

Well, I got my report card from my high school today and I found that they had messed up on it. They gave me no credit and no grade for the AP Literature class that I took and got an A on (for the record, I got four A’s and a B… ending with a 4.6 WGPA(3 APs and a college class)), so now, there is a very likely chance they already mailed my mid-year grades out. I’m kind of stuck here because I need to figure out what to do to make sure the colleges process a <em>new</em> and <em>updated</em> transcript. My college counselor told me to write a letter to them and she will sign it, but I am still afraid that they might have processed the mid-year reports already. How should I make sure that the colleges use this transcript to evaluate me instead? Should I call the admissions office of each of the universities and tell them?

<p>This happened to me too...but I have a great GC, so...</p>

<p>You should have your school's registar and GC FAX a signed (or somehow verified) copy of your updated transcript with the changed/added grade highlighted....That is what my high school did for me and I have already been accepted to USC...GL!</p>

<p>lol. I dont even know who my GC is. My "former GC" got moved to VP so now I have no idea who my GC is... we have a registrar who does this stuff.. sorta.</p>

<p>Have the revised transcript faxed and mailed. Call your admissions officers with this information. Follow-up e-mail your admissions officers recapping the call.</p>

<p>ok thanks a lot ohio_mom.</p>