Higher SAT scores after app?

<p>I didn't apply ED/EA anywhere so most of my applications are due December 1 or January 1, but I'm taking the December 2 SAT and I plan on having everything sent off (yeah, I'm applying on paper) by mid-December. My scores won't be in for the December SAT, so on the actual application where you self-report I will only have my scores from my first time taking the test (800 CR, 800 W, 650 M). Obviously the colleges will receive score reports that have my December SAT scores on them, but will my application be reviewed before those get there? I don't want my chances at Ivies to be discredited (I know SAT scores aren't the only thing that matters, but still) by my fairly abysmal math score since I'm sure I can bring it up the second time around. Basically, I'm asking how my December scores will be reviewed if they're not listed on my application. Sorry if this is a dumb question...just curious!</p>

<p>I'm wondering about that too!</p>