Hillsdale College

<p>Hillsdale College – Michigan
1,300 undergraduates</p>

<p>Hillsdale is not a Christian College though Christianity is well accepted and even embraced. They are more aligned with fighting for religious freedom for all types of beliefs but are predominately protestant and catholic. Hillsdale is very conservative politically and teach a classical liberal arts model. They are well disciplined and like Grove City College do not accept any government funding. They have managed to accumulate one of the largest endowments of any college in America their size and as a result attract a top quality student and faculty. They teach and preach free market economics which is sorely needed on the college campus in this day and age.</p>

<p>When we visited they had an engaging student panel of five students that talked of the joys and challenges of a Hillsdale education. Also like Grove City, they too pride themselves on no grade inflation. At the end of the presentation the students being seniors were asked where they were heading in the next year – two were off to Harvard Law School. (HLS shows their feeder schools and I recently looked against all the schools that I have referenced – Hillsdale had 3; Wheaton 2; Grove City, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt each had 1.) Hillsdale, like Wheaton, expects more than 2/3’s of their students to go on to graduate school in less than 10 years after graduation.</p>

<p>Hillsdale in many respects is a late bloomer as their college rankings over the last 5 or 6 years have soared. They are very competitive to get into and their graduates do well in all walks of life. And their financial aid in all respects is excellent.</p>