history of rock textbook question

<p>Hey, sorry to bother, but if anyone is in History of Rock N Roll, do you know what version of the book "American Popular Music" we should buy? There's the long version, and the condensed one that focuses solely on rock music. Also, are the 2 CD's required?</p>


<p>Well I think there are two are:</p>

<p>"American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy To MTV"</p>

<p>"American Popular Music: The Rock Years"</p>

<p>The 1st one has the 2 CD's that your booklist lists. So I would think that book would be the one we would use...</p>

<p>It's the first one, you can check the ISBN number's as well to verify that you have the right books.</p>

<p>I'd imagine if the 2 cds are required, you could just burn them from someone else.</p>

<p>thanks!! </p>

<p>now i can finally order that book :)</p>

<p>Just an off topic note, what happens when your instructor hasn't listed a textbook for a course?</p>

<p>Should I just wait until the first day of school? Contact the instructor?</p>

<p>I'm lost!!!</p>

<p>oh daniel..forgot to mention...i don't know what class you're taking, but sometimes when a book isn't listed..there could just be a course reader for the class only (if that's true, then your professor will tell you about it on the first day of class so don't stress about it)</p>