Hmm went over bandwidth

<p>I live in one of the dorms and i wasn't really keeping track with my internet dl (i didn't think it would go over 10 gbs because i dl so slowly) and it apprantly went over by 500 mbs. (10500 mbs) </p>

<p>At home, i'm used to dl constantly because i don't like to waste idle 'time.' I turned off p2p so i wouldn't get in trouble but.. </p>

<p>Did anybody have this happen to them before?</p>

<p>I was just downloading some foreign shows (korean) and some anime. Uhm.</p>

<p>They are saying i must meet up with that department people... they said otherwise they could revoke my internet previliage... uhm.</p>

<p>Did anybody ever have this happen to them?</p>

<p>lol, i went over for my old school but that was becuase their bandwidth meter sucked (i turned off my comptuer for the weekend but it said i used up 1 gig while i was away?!?)</p>

<p>just tune down the dling and you should be fine.</p>

<p>I think USC's limits are quite generous, considering the amount of content that you can get in 10 gigs. It's meant to discourage copyright infringement, as described in the stern memo from ISD earlier this year. </p>

<p>Remember that this 10 gig limit includes traffic going <em>both</em> ways. It's often the uploading that sneaks up on you. While you may have only downloaded a 500mb file, leave the program open for a few hours and it will take advantage of the fast upload to share several copies of the file with other users. </p>

<p>However, with more bandwidth-hogging legal content now online (iTunes Movie Store, CNN Pipeline, etc), I wonder how they will deal with students who go over limits using these services. </p>

<p>My roommate went over once last year, and had to go to a meeting with ISD. They basically reiterate USC policies, and warn you about more consequences if you go over again. </p>

<p>I also use a bandwidth utility that keeps cumulative tallies of how much data I've transferred.</p>

<p>Yea that meeting is the only 'punishment.'</p>

<p>hmm, it used to work as a "3 strikes" deal where strike 1 is usually just a warning email.</p>

<p>Ok, so i don't really have much to worry about? (i hope?) they are just going to go over the rules and I just nodd like i get it and tune down the downloading and the end? (because i'm totally fine with that)</p>

<p>I'm ok with the 10gb limit i just didn't know i could dl that much in a day when I dl with a program that dl really slowly (like i said, 50 kb)</p>

<p>Thanks btw!</p>

<p>lol if i had a dollar for each automated warning email I've gotten...</p>

<p>but it's just been limited to the automated warning emails, never for a meeting. plus, it's fairly common in the classes I take in EE and CS that the software tools we run like to make us go over quota on everything possible, so maybe they overlook that. :)</p>

<p>Hmm it tells me i have to go to a meeting:</p>

<p>You must make an appointment with an ITS Customer Support Center (CSC) staff
member by CALLING (213) 740-5555 AND remove any server/application from your
Resnet computer. Failure to contact the CSC and schedule an appointment to see
a CSC staff member can result in your Resnet account being disabled in 4 days.</p>

<p>but thanx for all the answers everyone. I was freakin' out for a moment. XD</p>

<p> just go to a meeting where they tell you not to do it again and you sign the agreement. Thats it...</p>

<p>Curious. How do they (or even simply do they) distinguish between "file downlaods" as in music, movies, etc. - as compared to "complete internet usage". Everytime a computer goes to a website (any website), the page content is automatically downloaded to your computer. That is why you are able to even see the page, read the text, see the pictures, etc. There is always a download of bytes. (every webpage by nature is a file, comprised of text, graphical images, sometimes java code, and other misc information). Granted music, and movie files are much larger, but in a pure sense, they are just a file. Is it possible that they are simply monitoring total bytes, with the intent of preventing big hitters (i.e., applications that in general use more bandwith. Someone who downloads a high number of large image files (be it nature scenes, geography, sports, porn, etc.) is going to eventually accumulate a higher number bytes. Webcams will generate a high volume. I'd imagine that even "gamers" accumulate a fairly high number (though most of the content should be localized on the local pc, there is still transfer of client/server type data, and therein higher usage of bandwith. </p>

<p>Anyone ever been warned, and your usage was not music or movie download?</p>

<p>I believe the ISD software makes no distinction between downloads and other uses of the internet. However, you would need some crazy browsing habits to rack that up on surfing alone. </p>

<p>To move 10 gigs in a 24 hour period, you would need a constant speed of around 121 kB/s. Very few applications use that kind of bandwidth for hours straight. </p>

<p>They are obviously trying to take aim at greedy file sharing programs, as those are most often to blame for going over the limit. </p>

<p>Even if you manage to break that limit through completely legitimate means, an argument could be made for equity. Just because you use ResNet doesn't entitle you to unlimited bandwidth. If everyone starting transferring that much data, it would deprive other students of a fast, reliable connection.</p>

<p>^ starting to miss my cheap yahoo sbc dsl connection. sigh. They never paid attention to what i was doing and I'm pretty sure i'm paying much more over here. (just the price of the overall dorm is expensive so. XP i guess it doesn't really count (kind of comes with the dorm room) but still.) So moving out of campus next year. hahar</p>

<p>But true, its VERY hard to go over 10 gb just surfing... I was dl (like i said above) some foreign shows and japanese animation. some stuff that's not copyrighted here... i think.</p>

<p>Hmm they shut down my connection yesterday because of a virus, not a bandwidth overload.</p>

<p>NOW i think about it... I couldn't have possibly went over 1.2 gb in an hour at the rate i was downloading...(that x 10 equals 10 gb so.. 1.2 isn't going over but it shouldn't be that high!) I barely download 300 mb in an hour and I couldn't have just surfed the internet 700 mb per hour... so where is all that stuff going? My p2p program is off (and even when its on it's limited to 10kb per sec for uploading and my downloads are always slow because i look for rare stuff) maybe it is a work of the virus (i'm running virus check as we speak)</p>

<p>They told me to format my computer if this happens again so i can get back online. wth? I just formatted it two months ago.. and my reinstalltion CD is in Korea, in my house.... sigh. Man formatting is easy but still its annoying to install all the programs and stuff.</p>

<p>you should download the free anti-virus software from, and also get a free anti-spyware like spybot.</p>

<p>^yup started doing that around at 4... it did catch some stuff but then i had to goto work so i don't know how much more crap it caught. XD yay.</p>

<p>10GB is extremely generous, over here the limit is a mere 5GB. Lucky bastards!</p>

<p>^Cornell's used to be 3gb.. per month (my bro goes there) yup USC's quite generous (now they raised it to... 5gb. a month.)</p>