Homeschool Admit?

<p>I'm wondering about my chances of getting into SMU, TCU, and Baylor. I'm a junior in high school and will be auditioning for their music programs!</p>

<p>-4.0 GPA
- 2180 composite (M+R+W), 1370 (M+R). I will be re-testing in the spring with hopefully better math results.
- As far as rankings go, I'm home schooled but I've taken outside courses and dual credit classes at a local community college, where I'm like number 2 of 25 students and in one class, 70.
- I have not done AP courses, but I'm doing dual credit, which should give me a year of college credit by the time I graduate as a senior.
- Probably national merit recommendation (missed the cutoff) :(
- I can get great recommendations from my college prof (who was going to be the college president)
-I've invested very heavily musically in my community: I was intensively involved in my church music program for two years ( at least three hours a week, two years), I currently accompany for a public school choir, I direct a new music ministry that takes a lot of time and effort, I also study piano and am competing in my local branch of Texas Music Teachers National Association, and teach (in other words, a lot of hours in one specific field.) I have done a lot of volunteering in my local homeowners association and do a lot of little extracuricular activities that would take too long to mention. </p>

<p>As a homeschooler, I know my transcript and my SAT scores will count heavily in the admissions process, but am I the kind of student that these schools are looking for? Also, what would you advise about the AP and honors courses (does dual credit count?) From the websites, I already qualify to enter in their full ride scholarships but these colleges just look really daunting to me.</p>