Homeschooler applying to music schools - will my ACT make up for my classes?

<p>Here's the deal: I'm a homeschooled senior, and I want to study music in college. I've got some things going for me: my ACT composite is 33, and I'm a National Merit semifinalist (and may become a finalist). I've also got a great list of extracurriculars:</p>

<p>-A local homeschool band and choir: four years, trumpet section leader in band for the last two, and bass/baritone section leader in choir for the last two.
-My local high school's marching band: two years, squad leader this last year.
-A local university's youth band, orchestra, and advanced-level music theory class: one year, principal trumpet in band.
-A local community band, one year.
-My high school's a cappella group, one year.
-A male vocal ensemble at my high school, one year. </p>

<p>I've also worked in the kitchen at a local wedding place for the last two summers and falls.</p>

<p>However, here's the issue: the classes I've taken are embarrassingly poor. I've taken only algebra I and geometry in the Math area, only some earth and space science stuff and biology in the sciences, not a single AP class except AP music theory which I'll be taking later this year... Awful, in short. So, here's my question: do you think I've got a chance applying to these schools?</p>

<p>-University of Michigan
-Michigan State University
-Grand Valley State University
-Western Michigan University
-University of Alabama

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>