Honest and Stern Chances for a Lazy Asian to USC, UCI, UCSD, UC Berkeley & NYU

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>Thanks for taking the to chance me, let me get straight to the stats</p>

<p>Current Grade: Junior/11th
State: Texas
School Type: Public
Rank: 25/615
Race: South Asian
GPA: 3.92
SAT: 1800 (620 Math, 600 Writing, 580 Critical Reading -- First Try and no studying; Like i said lazy!)
ACT: 30 (32- Math, 31 - Reading, 30 - Writing, 25- Science) -- First Try
AP Scores: World History - 4, English Composition - 3, English Literature - 4, Statistics - 3, US History - 5
SAT Subject Tests - Math Level II - 730, US History - 750, Literature - 700
EC's: Asian-American Student Society (Historian), Chess Club, National Honor Society, Business Professionals of America (vice prez), Student Council, Math Club, Engineering Club, Varsity Soccer and Cross Country
Honor's/Awards: 2nd Place UIL District Social Studies, 3rd Place UIL District Math Competition, 2nd Place in Economics Research Project for Business Professionals of America (Advanced to State BPA Competition).</p>

<p>School's I would like to apply to and have a chance: USC, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, NYU.</p>

<p>Appreciate all the help I can get!</p>

<p>Thank you and take care</p>

<p>low SAT as you stated, as long as you can bring it up above 2100 (to be safe) you should be good at all except cal, which you should still have a decent chance at. and knowing your UC gpa would help too, most applicants to cal and sd have above a 4.0 UCgpa i think. google "UC gpa" if you don't know how to calculate it</p>