Honestly, can I get into duke on an early decision?

<p>So, Duke has been my dream school for the longest time and I've been working hard all throughout high school (4.0 GPA) to get there. However, my SAT scores are not the best (680 reading, 710 math, 680 writing) although my SAT II's are good (790 Biology M, 750 US History). I participate in about 5 after school activites (Student Council, Freshman Mentor, Soccer Manager, Dance, NHS) where I am active members in each. I have really good teachers who are giving me recommendations.</p>

<p>I guess my question is: are my SAT scores holding me back in my admission to Duke Early Decision?</p>

<p>Give it a shot. I feel like once you approach the 2100 threshold (and you're very nearly there; retake only if you think you can do significantly better), SATs are no longer a huge factor in decisions. Instead, other things like recommendation letters and extracurriculars are more important. </p>

<p>I think you'll be a strong candidate for ED- just be sure to thoroughly think about your reasons for choosing Duke and make them very clear in your Why Duke essay.</p>

<p>I know... I have a 2090, but I took them for my last time in May. Would my SAT"s hold me back</p>

<p>They are low for Duke. If you're from a state that does not send them many applicants it will help a lot. So will having an outstanding rank and EC.</p>