How Bad is Vanderbilt

<p>This is what I heard about Vanderbilt so far:</p>

<p>1) Too Expensive
2) People there are too politically correct
3) People there like Bush.. OMG
4) Insturctors dont care!</p>

<p>You shouldn't go to Vanderbilt solely because of #3. -.-</p>

<p>vanderbilt is actually o.k., there're still lots of democrats there</p>

<p>1.) It is expensive but so are most schools
2.) The school isn't PC-Correct
3.) Vandy is 50-55% republican
4.) Teachers will eat lunch with you and give you their home numbers. I have been really impressed with the professors.</p>

<p>1.) Financial aid is FANTASTIC</p>

<p>I guess you better pass on it then.</p>

<p>What are you saying doesn't make sense. #2 and #3 are mutually contradictory on most college campuses.</p>

<p>1.) my friend has to pay $2000/year there=its not expensive.</p>

<p>but, frats are def too huge there.</p>