How can I get into UC Santa Barbara?


<p>Northern African</p>


<p>I am 16, in junior year. I desperately want to get into UCSB. I am going to take the SAT this spring in March, and then maybe a second time in june. I live about 4 hours north of Santa Barbara so I will be an in state applicant when I apply. Here are my grades so far:</p>

<p>Freshmen year( I messed up this year) 3.0 Average GPA</p>

<p>Sophomore year: 3.3 GPA</p>

<p>I am still working on my grades this year, but they are heading towards the same gpa as sophomore year (3.2-3.3). I dont do any extra curriculars, nor will I be able to because I take care of my brothers, so how can I get into uc santa barbara with no extra curriculars as of now?</p>