How can I unsubscribe from a thread?

Is it true that once I’ve posted to a thread that I will forever receive notifications of new posts? The only way to avoid this is to turn off notifications for all threads?

I’m wondering the same thing. I’d really like to turn off notifications for some threads.

You can turn off notifications for all threads and then selectively click Bookmark in the threads you want to follow (then click Unbookmark when you want to stop following those threads).

So, you’ll receive notifications for bookmarked threads, even if notifications are turned off?

Yes. I only get notifications for the couple of threads I have bookmarked or if I am tagged, not for all I have responded to.

If I want to look to see if anything was said that I wasn’t tagged in, in a thread I don’t have bookmarked but did respond in, I just click on my post history and then my last response and scan the thread from there.