How come I can't Submit my Yale Supplement Online...

<p>Im using the Common Application - </p>

<p>I submitted my applications, but the Yale supplement's submit button is gone (or so I think). I swore I saw it there before.</p>

<p>Am I effed?</p>

<p>It's there. I sent it just a couple hours ago. Try relogging, restarting, or using a different computer.
I can't even log into CommonApp site with my desktop. <em>using laptop right now</em></p>

<p>But isnt it past the deadline.....</p>

<p>where are you? are you on the supplement tab? you should see two options: Edit | Submit. If the submit is gone.. I'm not sure what to tell you, maybe if Y allows paper submission of the supplement, that should be OK</p>

<p>I was late, but it still went through. keep trying, good luck!</p>

<p>Oh yea. It's past deadline now. It's 2:30 am by CommonApp time on January 1. I just sent in my Common App (the main part, not supplements) a couple minutes ago, and it reads as I sent it on January 1 (even though it's still 12/31 here).</p>

<p>Nevermind guys I got it.</p>

<p>Man, do you think this is bad?</p>