How competitive is the 3-year BBA program at Ross?

<p>How competitive is the 3-year BBA program at Ross?
I found this fact sheet <a href=""&gt;;/a> but I would appreciate more inputs. I'm an international student by the way.

<p>Do you the mean the admissions process? Or the program itself?</p>

<p>Oh, I should've specified. Admission process.</p>

<p>competitive to get in, competitive to stay in</p>

<p>The Business school has stated that this year they will only accept 280 students who are presently freshman. The reason for the limit is that the size of the classrooms that they are using until their new building is ready, will only hold 70 students. They have reported that they have received 900 applications for the program. This seems very unfair to the present freshman students applying to get into the BBA program and I am quite surprised that they are not even going to offer acceptance to more students on the condition that they either attend summer BBA classes or enter i semester later. THe present freshman who do not get accepted are screwed! Many would have attended a different college had this not been kept secret from them. I would be very cautious if I was a high school student thinking of applying to the Ross School.</p>

<p>Hey King Jeff,</p>

<p>by this year, you mean for the year 2007-2008 right? So if I'm giong to be a freshman at Michigan this fall, the number of spots for my sophomore year wont be as low right?</p>

<p>On average, how many freshman do they accept from 900 applications?</p>


<p>Yes, I mean 2007-2008. They are only accepting a total of 280 students out of the 900 applying this year. I applied last year as a pre-admit but was rejected and they told me I would have a much better chance applying my freshman year. I think my chances are very slim and I am quite discouraged.</p>

<p>damn I was gonna apply next year as a freshman... This is gonna make it so much harder! Doh! This means that I would have to change to econonmics if I dont get in!</p>

<p>Jai6638 if you are going to Michigan this fall - you will be applying to Ross for the year 2008 - 2009 by which time the new building should be ready and the business school would admit 360 people.</p>

<p>gomez: Don't forget that Ross had 2300 PBBA applications. Thus, if every one of those applicants decide to go to Michigan, then admissions rate would still drop. (360/2200 = 16%)</p>

<p>Phew! Thank god!</p>

<p>What does PBBA stand for? Pre admit?</p>

<p>Yes .</p>

<p>I did not comment on the admissions rate - I was merely clearing Jai's misconception of only 280 people being admitted. </p>

<p>The admissions comittee did say they receive 60% less applcations and at the same time they would accept 3 times that. But then again they could be wrong , this year.</p>

<p>I wouldn't count on it.</p>

<p>358 students were accepted last year without the pre-admit program. Since there are 62 students in the pre-admit program, the number of acceptances would have been 296. Thus, it seems Ross would be cutting the number of spots by 16. Also, remember that some of pre-admits you would normally be competing against are already part of the program. All else being equal, your chances are reduced somewhat. However, the big unknown is whether Ross is becoming more popular because of the new building and other factors... thereby increasing the number of applicants.</p>

<p>KingJeff, just curious, where did you hear the 280 number?</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for your inputs! I'm a bit discouraged now and leaning to my other choice of college.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> ...280 applicants.....</p>

<p>The 280 number can be found on Scott Moore's Blog dated April 4, 2007. I suppose that Ross is limiting the amount of students it accepts in order to achieve a higher rating on the charts.</p>

<p>how difficult is it to do well at Ross?</p>

<p>This is subjective question. It depends on you and your desire to do well and your willingness to work. See if you get accepted into Ross , it means you are good. And you have the potential to do well. </p>

<p>So you will have to fulfill that by working hard and putting in very long hours. I read an article , I think it was on Scot Moores blog as well about how the students at Ross were the most hard working and put in the most number of hours from all the business schools. Its one of the charactristics that define Ross students.</p>