How do college look at grades when they rescind students?

<p>My school splits up the semester into 3 different 6 weeks, and at the end of each 6 weeks, we receive letter grades for each of our classes. At the end of the semester, these letter grades are averaged on a 12 point scale. </p>

<p>My question is, will the colleges be able to look at the grades from each 6-weeks? Or will they look at the second semester senior year grades only? </p>

<p>I have earned all A's for my first 6 weeks and have been hit with a major case of senioritis ever since >< Right now I'm bordering D for the second six weeks.... but if they only look at the average semester grade, my average shouldn't be as bad</p>

<p>Anyone has any idea?</p>

<p>How is your transcript printed? Does it include each 6-week session, or just your semester grades? My assumption is the latter, but that should give you your answer. </p>

<p>For definite confirmation, check with your GC.</p>