How do I improve SAT Writing MC?

<p>I'm doing quite poorly in the Mutliple choice version of the SAT. I was wondering what stategies you guys use to answer these problems, or what tricks that help with answering? I find that when I'm doing the questions, I can never figure out if it sounds right or not. I always seem to think that I've heard the phrase being used that way, and I'm never confident enough. Any help/suggestions? </p>

<p>If there was another thread that asked this question, you can just link me. I looked up to page 5 for a topic like mine, but didn't find one.</p>

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<p>Is Barron's SATII writing useful?</p>

<p>Barrons SAT II is the best!!!!</p>

<p>Definitely go over those exercises and your score should go up in no time!!!</p>

<p>Princeton Review SAT study books help really well for all sections of the SAT! It's helping me :) Good luck!</p>