How Do I Make Myself More Beautiful to Brown?

<p>I love Brown.
I really really do.
Here are my should I "portray" myself, given my activities/awards, so that I have a decent chance?</p>

<p>To be honest, I've been incredibly lucky throughout my high school career, which to be honest is probably the only reason I'm ranked so highly. I've never done a science fair, never done extensive research with a Harvard professor. But anyway, here goes... (I'm applying to UPenn, Brown, and JHU; right now I'm interested in either finance, engineering, or psychology). </p>

<li>GPA: 3.95, weighted is 4.7</li>
<li>Class Rank: As of now, #1</li>
<li>SAT: 2390 (yeah...don't know how I pulled that one out.)</li>
<li>SAT II's: 750 Math, 750 US History</li>
<li>Classes: AP Macro, AP Micro, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Physics, AP Calc AB (Junior)
(Senior): 6 AP's but don't feel like listing them all</li>
<li>Job/volunteering: Probably about 400 hours of community service, had a teaching job for like 4 years, made $40 an hour</li>
<li>Awards: All-Eastern/national orchestra, National prestigious writing competition, various awards given by school/presidential awards, andd leaderships awards</li>
<li>Clubs: model un, newspaper,magazine, business club, orchestra, Spanish club</li>
<li>I'm also LGBT, doesn't mean anything but thought i'd just throw it out there...</li>
<li>Started a local art club that has many members, I lead it and give free art lessons to community kids, 5 years</li>
<li>ap scores: physics-3, calc-4, lang-5, apush-5, micro-5, macro-5</li>

<p>What do you mean by “portray” yourself? The only customizable thing on your application is the essay, as the rest are all grades, test scores, awards, family info, ECs, and other things that you obviously can’t lie about; are you asking what to write about in your essay in order to win over Brown?</p>

<p>(Also: Please do not re-post information. It clutters the forum. Just some forum etiquette :))</p>

<p>Ahh sorry!
What I mean is, should I portray myself as an innovative thinker, aggressive monster, literature nerd, etc?</p>

<p>What kind of person are you? That’s how you should portray yourself. Be genuine and stay true to yourself, and you will land some great acceptances. You have great stats and if Brown doesn’t accept you, it’s their loss. But remember to show them who you are, not some type of person who you are to imitate in hope that admission officers will like you better.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks.
But I think some schools want people with certain images. Can any Brown alumni/certain students attest to that?</p>

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